About Target Pistol Shooting


Target pistol shooting was introduced in New Zealand in 1968. By 1972 we had a pistol shooter at the Olympic Games.

Since that time target pistol shooting has developed in numbers and the types of events shot. New Zealand pistol shooters have competed successfully in many international events, winning many medals at Commonwealth Games, as well as World Championship medals in other pistol disciplines.

Pistol New Zealand has over 85 affiliated clubs throughout New Zealand, so no matter where you live, there will be a club near you.

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You can find out more about the sport of pistol shooting in New Zealand by watching this video.

If you would like to make contact with a club to enquire about taking up the sport, you can:

When you make contact with a club, they will tell you what you need to know about making your first visit to their range.

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12/03/172017 February Service Postal Match Results
10/03/17Wairarapa PC Meetings Update
06/03/17Steel Challenge Rules Update
27/02/172017 McMillan Cup (ISSF Secondary Schools Interclub Event)
07/02/172017 Speed (Steel Challenge) Postal Match
04/02/172017 Three Gun Section Director Election
17/01/172017 February Service Postal Match
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13/06/16IPSC Range Officers Seminar July-Wanganui
12/06/16Incorporated Societies Law Reform Update
12/06/162016 Health and Safety Reform Bill - Information for Clubs
02/06/16Warning to Firearm Owners
29/05/16Firearms Advisory Forum Minutes
02/05/16Lightning Jack returning to Cowboy Action Shooting world championships
01/04/16Person using forged licence to purchase restricted firearms
20/03/16February 2016 Service Postal Match Results
10/03/162016 Loveridge Cup
10/03/162016 McMillan Cup (ISSF Secondary Schools Interclub Event)
02/02/16Steel Challenge training day with Damien Curtis
27/01/16February 2016 Service Postal Match
27/01/162016 ISSF Section Director Elections
13/11/15October 2015 National Postal Match Results
10/11/15Updated Police Mail Order Sales Form
03/11/15Important Notice to all IPSC Three Gun and Multigun Shooters
02/11/15New HMS Section Director Elected
30/10/15IPSC Section and Regional Director Elected
24/10/15Service Pistol Section Director Election
08/10/15Service Pistol Survey
07/10/152015 Muzzle Loading Section Director Election
05/10/15NZMSC Technical Advisory Committee Changes
01/10/152015 McMillan Cup Results
30/09/15New Action Section Director Elected
25/09/15Manson Completes Hat-Trick!
16/09/15IPSC Three Gun September 2015 Section Survey
07/09/152015 October Service Postal Match
03/09/15IPSC 3 Gun Section Survey
14/08/152015 Section Elections
02/06/15Speed Section Survey May 2015 - Results
25/05/15Service Section Director Appointed
20/05/152015 NRA Bianchi Cup
24/04/15Updated Classic Service Match Rules April 2015
16/04/15NZ Pistol Team/Individual Selection Criteria 2016 NRA World Action Pistol Championships
14/04/15New 3 Gun Section Director Elected
14/04/15First Aid Training offer to Clubs and Sections
14/04/15PNZ Video Tender Expressions of Interest
11/04/15Incorporated Societies Reform 2015
31/03/152015 McMillan Cup (ISSF Secondary Schools Interclub event).
26/03/153 Gun Section Director Election
16/03/152015 ISSF World Cup
15/03/152015 February Postal Match Results
11/03/15Shooters Travel Insurance
21/01/15Policing Cost Recovery Amendment Bill (217-1)
19/01/15ISSF World Cup Funding Criteria - Korea April 2015
09/01/152015 IPSC Rules Update
30/12/142015 Oceania Funding Criteria
18/12/14Service Match Rules Updated - Half Scale Targets
17/12/14IPSC Teams Survey December 2014
16/12/142016 Olympic Games – NZSF Nomination Criteria
02/12/142014 October Postal Match Results
02/12/142015 February Postal Match
11/11/14Cowboy Action Section Director Elected
05/11/14Ben Stoeger IPSC Training Course Information
05/11/14Firearms Community Advisory Forum Minutes June 14
09/10/142014 October Service Postal Match
18/08/14Phil Dunlop wins Standard Division 3 Gun Nationals 2014
18/08/142016 IPSC Australasian Level 4 Selection Criteria now Online
14/08/142014 Section Elections Action/Cowboy/Service Sections
01/08/14Jacob Finlayson- shoots his way to 8th at the SASS End of Trail
21/07/14Updated Speed Guidelines
21/07/14PNZ ISSF Guidelines
16/07/14New Holster Manual Update
26/05/142014 McMillan Cup Entry Details
20/05/142014 NRA Action World Championships Update and Results
25/03/14Changes to the SASS 2014 RulesBook
25/03/14SASS Refer a Friend Program!
25/03/142014 February Service Postal Match Results
10/03/14IPSC World Shoot Team Announced
24/01/14Introducing the new Muzzle Loading Section Director
22/01/1437th IPSC General Assembly Minutes
10/01/142014 ISSF Section Director Elected
03/12/13MSSA Law Changes
02/12/13Trigger man honoured- Mr Neil Hayes 40 Year Award
02/12/13CAS North Island Champs Article- SASS Cowboy Chronicle
18/10/132013 IPSC Section and NZ Regional Director Elections
09/10/13Results from the 2013 Australian CAS Nationals- Chisholm Trail
30/09/132013 October Service Postal Match
30/09/132013 McMillan Cup Results
25/09/13N/I CAS Nationals News Articles
16/09/13Australian Youth Olympics Trials -Sydney 2013
02/09/13Your last chance........MSSA Pistol Grip submission
24/08/132013 IPSC, Muzzle Loading and HMS Section Director Election Nomination Forms
07/08/13Muzzle Loading Postal Match Results Jan- May 2013
07/08/13Things to check when buying a New Muzzle Loading Gun
07/08/13Firearms Community Advisory Forum Minutes - 18 June 2013
18/07/13Ardmore 2 Shooting Complex
06/07/13Ruby wins B-Western Trophy at the 2013 End of Trail
01/07/13New Speed Rules now Online !
20/06/13Choosing a Muzzle Loading Revolver
20/06/13Muzzle Loading Match name updates
06/06/132014 Commonwealth Games Criteria
08/05/132014 NRA World Action Pistol Championships- Selection Criteria Update
07/05/13May 2013 IPSC Section update from the NZ Regional Director
13/03/13Junior Pistol Shooter Melanie Hessling Joins Hawkes Bay High Performance Academy
13/03/132013 South Island Muzzle Loading Champs Cancelled
08/03/132013 PNZ 41st ISSF Nationals- Articles Hawke's Bay Today
04/03/13News Report and Results from AA2013- Rotorua
17/02/132013 McMillan Cup Entry Details
04/02/13Air Pistol Use at Home- T Bruce
26/01/13February 2013 Service Postal Match
25/01/13October 2012 Service Postal Match results
25/01/132013 ISSF Rule Books now available for purchace
23/12/12Update for the 2014 Commonwealth Games
19/12/12ISSF Oceania 2013 Selection and Funding Criteria
28/11/12Air NZ Excess Baggage Charges.....
26/11/122013 Australian Youth Olympic Festival Jan 2013
27/10/12Brent Millard Wins 2012 Australian 1920 Nationals !
20/10/12South Island 3 Gun Champs Cancelled
17/10/12Police Annual and Bi Annual Security Checks update
10/10/12Service Section Director Elected
08/10/12Smith and Wesson pistol re-call
02/10/12Updated Action Grading List
02/10/122012 McMillan Cup Team Results
25/09/12Join the 2013 McMillan Cup Club Information
23/09/12Service Classic Match Rules Approved Pistol List Updated
21/09/12Muzzle Loading Postal Results 2012
21/09/12December ISSF Auckland Junior Training Camp now added
31/07/12Guidelines to visiting or contacting your MP
30/07/12Darren Keen Sets new Record at the 2012 Speed Nationals
30/07/12Special Reasons to Import
18/06/12Register for Electronic Bullshooter
24/03/12Permits to Carry
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