Section Elections 2013

Below are the nomination forms for the 2013 Section Elections for:


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The outline of the Section Directors Role is here

Any questions on this process should be directed to the Executive Officer.




a) The XO is to call for nominations at least 8 WEEKS prior to the Nationals. (Nomination forms links are above).

b) Candidates must put forward their nomination 4 WEEKS prior to the Nationals - no late nominations accepted

c) Bios will go on PNZ website (link from home, on Section page)

d) Postal (e-votes etc) votes to be with XO FOURTEEN DAYS prior to the Nationals, can be made after the nominees are posted on the PNZ website. (postal voting forms will be added in the evet of a contested election)

e) Returning Officer (If a vote is required) will be appointed by the XO and will be given the postal list and they are to delete any postals where the competitor attends the match.

f) Voting on the first day of the match (If required) if more than one day event, the voting slip is to be given at registration (supplied by Pistol NZ, these will also be online once the nominations close)

g) Voting slips (at the match) are to be in the returning box by a specified time that day (5.00 PM)

h) After voting closes the Returning Officer can announce the results and supply the result to the XO.

i)  XO to advise Council of the result and the new SD results are to go on the website.

j)  Anyone who is a financial member of PNZ can vote. (IPSC voters need to be a member of IPSC NZ by paying their $10 anuual fee at date of voting)


If there are no nominations (by the nominations closing date) or the SD does not complete the full term (2 years) The PNZ Council will appoint an interim SD.


All nominations must be in writing on the form provided online

No nominations will be accepted without the signature of the person being nominated


Phill Brown

Pistol New Zealand Executive Officer

(Details are also in issue 224 of the Bullshooter)