Holster Manual (V2) now Online!

Pistol New Zealand has introduced an updated Holster Manual which is now online here

The new Version 2 has replaced the previous 2011, 3 manual sytem with one streamlined manual. 

The new manual has larger pictures and more information relating to:

Use of different styles of commonly used Action style pistols 

Wild Bunch Shooting qualification

Cowboy Action Shooting training information

Along with the manual a new (Action Badge) restricted use qualification has now been introduced, requiring Club Holster Instructors to "re- test" a shooter, who purchase a new  pistol which has an action which was different to the one they were originally qualified with or a pistol which does not have the most popular 1911 style thumb safety.

  • Print off sheets are now also avalible to download and print off for ease of use.
  • Printed copies of the new manual will be sent to all clubs (With Instrcutors) soon.

For more information or questions contact the Executive Officer