Member Security Message

The police sent out an internal memo (31st of March 2016) highlighting the recent use of a forged licence to obtain restricted firearms.

We urge all members to be careful when selling or buying firearms.

Here is the information circulated internally by the Police:

The person pictured [we have not added the picture for security reasons but a copy of the picture has been sent to all clubs] on the altered/forged Firearms Licence recently purchased a pistol, magazines and several hundred rounds of .38 calibre ammunition from a licensed Whanganui collector.  He purchased the pistol using cash ($850) and showed a licence with his photo inserted in the name [name withheld, please contact your club for details] to the seller who took this photocopy.

The same person has also purchased a pistol in a similar transaction in Tauranga using a licence (same person pictured) named [name withheld, please contact your club for details]

If anyone knows the name of the person in the photograph please contact D/Sgt Glenn TOY 021 1915451. [Clubs should contact the Police if you know of the man indicated]

Please advise your dealers and collectors to be on alert for fraudulent cards. The frauds are easy to spot if you look for a true hologram, and on the later cards, the clear core clear areas. The paperwork used is an application form for a permit to procure!

Do not transfer any firearms for which you have not seen a legitimate permit to procure.