The following is an update from the NZ Police on Annual and Bi-annual security checks:

I have now received a number of complaints about the photographing of security, especially for endorsement holders. There is suggestion of the use of cell phone cameras (not verified), and a level of coercion. Complainants come from different organisations in different parts of the country.

So I need to refer back to both statute (regulations) and national policy (security inspection guide approved by the Executive).

Neither mandate the taking of photographs of security.

It is, I suggest, one of those things that sounds good but operationally just doesn't work.

In the absence of statutory or policy based authority Arms Officers are asked to cease the practice of photographing security.

We are of the view that the recording in the security guide is sufficient.

This e mail is being copied to shooting organisations.

Joe Green

B.A. (Hons); Dip. Bus. Stud.; TTC


Manager Licensing and Vetting