Policing Cost Recovery Amendment Bill (217-1)

Council has asked me to pass the following information to all Clubs. Please circulate to all your members.

In the last 5 days information has come to light, that parliament are looking to pass an amendment to the Policing Act 2008 to enable them to charge for a number of Police "demand services".

Though the Police alluded to such a process being looked at, to date most firearms groups were not aware that this process had already begun.

The issuing of Permits to Procure and Permits to Import under the Arms Act seem to meet the criteria of 'demand services' as do applications for F/L and Endorsements!

This gives shooters till the 5th of February to send in submissions challenging any potential extra future charges!

Council encourages individual members as well as committees to make a submission!

(Pistol New Zealand will be sending in a submission on behalf of the association).

I have attached a copy of the Policing Cost Recovery Amendment Bill (217-1) and a draft from COLFO that THEY will be formulating into a submission that will be presented in person by the COLFO Chair.

You can also find more information from the following link:


Check out the following bills digest page for more information:


The following is the link to the process of making a submission: