Steel Challenge Rules Update

The Steel Challenge Shooting Association (The governing body of the Steel Challenge, who set the international rules) has just made a clarification to the current rules.

PNZ Note: A new version of the rules will be out soon. I will look at updating these online and carry out a review of the Steel Challenge Guidelines once I have these to hand. Both of the updates below will be used in this years Nationals and Island Championships. 

Steel Challenge Rulings: Showdown and Outer Limits
A new ruling has been released that affect two Steel Challenge stages: Showdown and Outer Limits.

Here is the text of the ruling:

On Showdown and Outer Limits an aiming point no more than 2 (two) feet high will be placed in front of each shooting box 10 (ten) feet forward of the box. (PNZ Note: This aiming point marker was placed in the middle of the array till this update).

On Showdown it is permissible for a competitor to complete three strings from the first shooting box before moving to the second box to complete the last two strings. However, the competitor may still choose to shoot two from each box, and then select a box for the 5th string. (PNZ Note: We currently use this interpretation)


Historically, because these two stages use multiple boxes, there has been some confusion on where the aiming points for rimfire competition were supposed to be, and the position has gone back and forth with no formal process. With the newer divisions (RFRI, RFRO, PCCI, PCCO) and the new classification system, the aiming point needs to be set by rule.

On Showdown, the rules were somewhat vague, but outlined the typical procedure of shooting two strings from one box, two from another and then picking the third. However, they didn't specifically prohibit the common practice of shooting three strings from one box, then two from the other. This ruling simply formalizes actual practice and eliminates confusion with regard to the rule. This will be formalized in the new rule set, but needs to made now before some of the major steel challenge matches take place, as the official Steel Challenge rules may not be in place for a few weeks yet.