NZ Shooters Travelling Overseas

Pistol NZ Return Form when travelling back from overseas competitions

The following form needs to be filled in and sent to the PNZ Executive Officer:


Once this form has been sent to the PNZ XO it will be sent to the Police at National HQ for processing. The Police will then send the approved form to the Airport you are leaving from.

A copy of this PNZ approved form will also be sent to the shooter. (This should be taken to the Airport as a backup copy just in case).

This form takes care of ALL Exports AND Imports of your firearms ONLY, no other forms are required unless you are travelling with MORE than 5 firearms. You need to fill out his form if you are taking Pistols (B Cat) and/or Rifles or Shotguns (A and E Cat) but need to if the form has a mixture of firearms including pistols.

Multigun and Cowboy shooters

The permit POL67B to import Firearms/Parts is here:



MFAT Requirements

You only need to fill in the MFaT form below if you are travelling overseas with MORE than 5 firearms.

Bulk Imports or Exports of MORE than 5 Firearms still need the MFAT form filled out.

MFAT forms should be sent to:

Export Controls Officer
Fax 04 439 8519 or
Email: or
Post: MFAT Disarmament Division, Private Bag 18901, Wellington

Note to all shooters travelling overseas

In February 2016, MFAT updated their processes and now require notification of the export of firearms to meet New Zealand's required reporting under the Arms Trade Treaty. Notifications will be sent to MFAT by way of the PEI/1 form which will ONLY be only used for this purpose.


The forms are sent to MFAT as part of the PNZ Executive Officer Police/Airport/MFAT process, so the shooters don’t need to do anything else. (This excludes the 5 firearm limit outlined above).

Travel Tips and Information when Travelling Overseas

Shooters Travelling to Australia

The following information outlines the forms needed to enter and exit, Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria in Australia when travelling to shooting competitions.

Here are fact sheets sent by the Queensland boarder protection service but would apply for all states in Australia:

The attached documentation is required for gaining clearance to export firearms using a Restricted Goods Permit (RGP) from Australia. Information sheets have been provided to assist you with completing the documentation.

  • RGP EDN Cover Sheet (238k pdf) -  Restricted Goods Permit process information.
  • EOI Fact Sheet (141k pdf) - An information sheet to assist with explaining Evidence of Identity requirements. You will need to present 100 points of identity when you lodge your documents with us.
  • B319 (19k pdf) - Registering as a client (this is required for all exportation/importations). If you have previously registered as a Customs & Border Protection client, you will just need to provide us with the Customs Client ID (CCID) which would have been supplied to you when you previously lodged documents.
  • B957ics (132k pdf) - Export declaration (please only include 1 item on this page)
  • B957aics (93k pdf) - Export declaration supplementary pages. This is for exportations of more than 1 item. You will need to complete this for each additional item, i.e. additional firearms, spare barrels, for each type of ammunition (i.e. different calibre ammunition for weapons that have different calibres, one supplementary page for each different calibre), rifle scopes (one or more scopes may be included on one supplementary page), firearm parts.
  • DEC07 (215k pdf) - Restricted goods permit application and explanation (only 4 firearms per permit, if greater than 4 firearms please call the Defence Export Control Office on 1800 661066 as you will be required to obtain a Department of Defence Permit).
  • Sample - Weapons EDN (387k pdf) - A copy of what the completed Export Declaration should look like.
  • Australian Customs Flyer on "Importing Firearms" (138k pdf)

Firearms License and Weapons List identifying the registered firearm/s you are exporting is also required.

Please lodge your documents at least 3 weeks prior to departure. If you reside within 50km of Brisbane Airport, documents must be submitted in person at Exports QLD located at 20-22 The Circuit, Airport Village, Eagle Farm. Original documents are required for your permit to be authorised and are to be presented when lodging documents. If you reside more than 50km from Brisbane Airport you may email, fax or post your documents for processing.


To arrive into Queensland you also need to complete the following forms which are designed for Queensland only:

Notes: The Queensland forms need to go to the customs office down the road from the airport to give the customs staff plenty of notice.

Download package sent by Australian Customs to shooters who travel to shooting events in Queensland (2.3Mb pdf)

New South Wales

To arrive into New South Wales you also need to complete the following forms which are designed for New South Wales only:

Travellers to NSW who are aged between 12-18 years of age need to fill in a Legitimate Reason form (884k pdf). 

As of June 2016, this document is no longer needed by Australian Shooters travelling back to Australia.

Notes: The NSW forms can be filled in at the Airport on arrival and completed prior to departure.


To arrive into Victoria you also need to complete the following forms which are designed for Victoria only:

Northern Territory

South Australia

Extra Information When Travelling to Australia

Shooters Travelling to the USA

To arrive in the USA with firearms and ammunition you will need to have completed before you go:

Form 6 NIA (47k pdf) (Application/Permit for Temporary Importation of Firearms and Ammunition by Nonimmigrant Aliens)

  • The approved permit is good for 12 months from the approval date.
  • Once the competitor has the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms permit approval, you can use it for all tournaments you want to attend in the United States during the time the permit is valid.
  • Each competitor must apply for their own permit individually.
  • You will need an invitation letter from the Match Director of the event you are travelling to. The match will normally have this letter available for download as part of their match information. You will need to send the invitation letter with your name on it to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms along with the Form 6 NIA (above).
  • After completing both the invitation letter and the 6 NIA form, fax both documents to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms.
  • The fax number is: 1-304-616-4554. The approval can take up to 8 weeks, so prepare early!

Download advisory to shooters travelling to the USA on commercial aircraft (111k pdf)

The Best Practice is to ensure that all of your firearms, parts, ammunition and magazines (or speed-loaders) are placed as required inside your checked luggage.

Also remember that your airline may impose additional requirements, so you should check with your carrier.