Lightning Jack returning to Cowboy Action Shooting world championships

"Lightning Jack" aka Jacob Finlayson, of Gore, shooting at the Kaitangata Pistol Club.


"Lightning Jack" aka Jacob Finlayson, of Gore, shooting at the Kaitangata Pistol Club.

Lightning Jack has his sights set on becoming the fastest shooter in the world.

Jacob Finlayson, 22, of Gore, aka Lightning Jack, is returning to the End of Trail competition in Albuquerque, New Mexico, in June.

The last time he was there in 2014 he was ranked the eighth-deadliest cowboy in the world.

Because he didn't return in 2015 he lost his rank, but this year he was aiming for the top spot, Finlayson said. 

"The best thing for me to do is aim for number one."

The last time he attended the championships his aim proved true and he did not miss a shot, so Finlayson is trying to focus on cutting down the time to reload his guns and transitioning between each weapon.

He trains without bullets, instead using a round called a snap cap which look like bullets but gives the firing pin something to hit.

Finlayson will be travelling with his father Ron "Tuscon" Finlayson and two others from Central Otago, he said.

Amongst the New Zealand contingent going there were plenty of guys who could take the title off his hands, Finlayson said.

He likes Cowboy Action Shooting because of its a competitive sport and people are supportive and friendly.

"We're all trying to be better than each other, but we're very good friends."

Finlayson will spend a month in the United States competing in the championships and taking part in other shooting competitions.

In Cowboy Action Shooting shooters take part in a 12-stage competition, in which they have to shoot two pistols, a lever-action or pump-action rifle and a model 1897 pump-action shotgun. 

Target set ups are made to resemble western scenes, and scores depend on time and accuracy.

The cowboys also have to look the part - long pants, boots, a cowboy hat and shirts with long sleeves.

The Community Trust of Southland have given him financial support and Pistol New Zealand paid his entry fee for the competition, he said.

 - Stuff Southland May 02 2016