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Dean Albiston- IPSC NZ 3- Gun  and  PNZ Multigun Section Director

Welcome to the PNZ IPSC 3Gun and Multigun Page.

IPSC 3Gun Shooting

2017 Three Gun Section Director Election

The following is the election process for the Three Gun Section Director

The following is the Nomination form for the election of the Three Gun Section Director

3 Gun shooting has its roots in New Zealand from the early 80's.

Two servicemen, who came back from Singapore in 1983, introduced the idea, after seeing something of a similar format during their posting there. They and a few other keen shooters started PSI (Practical Shooting Institute) NZ. They shot Service Match on pistol ranges and then moved to a rifle range, on private property, to shoot practical rifle and shotgun. A few years of internal lobbying saw PSI taken over by Pistol NZ, and some hard campaigning saw, what we now know as IPSC, finally approved by the police, and Pistol NZ.

Most 3 Gun matches were run in the lower South Island, where there still are a hard core number of competitors. 3 Gun in New Zealand has consistently grown and now boasts South Island Champs, North Island Champs, and New Zealand Champs most years, with some very keen competitors spending big money on guns and equipment. There are also several regions throughout the country, now running their own club matches.

The 3 Gun Nationals have been held most years since 1996.

If you are interested in becoming a 3 Gunner, or would like more information on running a 3 Gun event, please feel free to contact me at

Note: From May 2016 all PNZ IPSC Three Gun Matches will be shot to a Modified set of Rules. IPSC Grand Tournament Rules will no longer be used.

2016 PNZ 3 Gun Guidelines 

These guidelines should be used in conjuction with the Handgun/Shotgun and Rifle rules below.

IPSC Handgun Rules (Jan 2017 Edition)
IPSC Rifle Rules (Jan 2017 Edition)
IPSC Shotgun Rules (Jan 2017 Edition)


Click HERE for Pistol NZ 3 Gun Grading List   (Last updated 05/05/2016)

Note: From 2015 Only Open and Standard will be recognised for grading.


Three Gun Nation Multigun

In 2014, PNZ adopted the Three Gun Nation (USA) rules to start shooting Multigun in New Zealand. Multigun events combine all the challenges of IPSC Three Gun combining firearms into ONE stage.

Three Gun Nation Multigun is a discipline currently run under the IPSC 3 Gun Section.

Please make sure you follow the conditions set out in your Range Standing Orders and follow the rules as indicated below, if you are not sure on any of the points contained in the rules, please contact the PNZ Executive Officer or 3gun Section Director for clarification.

The discipline is for club based shooting only. If and when their is demand, then Island or National Championship matches may be introduced.

Rules  (Updated October 2016)

The International 3 Gun Nation- Regional and Club Series rules from the U.S.A (2016) have been adopted as the PNZ Multigun Rules.

These rules have had small modifications (Targets) to fit in with the local shooting.

Dump Bin Designs for Multigun

The following are examples of Multigun Dump Bins that can be used for Multigun matches.  The section will be buying a number of these bins for use by member clubs.


The following information is for clubs looking to buy these bins:

Each bin comes with a template for adding your own covering (Carpet or carpet tiles suggested).

Price per bin: $258.40 (Inclusive of GST) Freight for the bins will be calculated at the time of order. 

Order Quantity: A minimum of 3 bins must be ordered to make the freight cost effective.

If you wish to order a set of three of these bins, contact the  Exec Officer

Dump Bin 2Dropbox Frt _blu _800_02

Click on each picture for a larger image


Range Officer qualifications are being worked on currently, when these are finished clubs will be notified.

For more information on Multigun, Contact the IPSC 3 Gun Section Director 


The following link shows Darren Keen shooting a couple of Multigun stages

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