September 2015 IPSC 3 Gun Section Survey

Last September this survey was run to help develop the IPSC 3Gun Section but the results were not was decided to leave this for a year, then run the survey again after member had the chance to shoot to the new rules.

At the 2014 IPSC 3Gun Nationals, IPSC Grand Tournament rules were used for the first time; these rules allow for a mix of firearms during the match.

These were trialled in place of the rules used over the last few years which allowed for Open, Standard and Tactical divisons only. (Open Pistol/Shotgun/Rifle......Standard Pistol/Shotgun/Rifle....etc).

The 3 Gun Section is now looking to officially adopt either the older 3 Division rules or the newer IPSC Grand Tournament rules in all future Island and Nationals matches (As part of a set of PNZ IPSC 3Gun Guidelines) and would like to ask members who shoot IPSC 3Gun for their input to help decide: 

Current New Zealand three gun scoring rules:

The current IPSC three gun rules (New Zealand) recognise divisions with similar type of firearms.

  • Open shoots and open pistol (Few limitations), Open Rifle (Optics, with few limitations) and Auto Shotgun...again with few limitations.
  • Standard shoots a Standard or Production division pistol, Standard Rifle (no optics) and Auto Shotgun (No optics).
  • Tactical (New Zealand Created Divison) Same as Standard but allows an optic on your rifle.

The IPSC Grand Tournament rules recognise types of firearms that can be mixed and matched which places you in a specific division.

E.G If you have an Open Pistol, Standard Rifle and Manual are placed into the Open division and shoot in that division for the overall 3gun open title. You also compete in each of separate categories for each type of firearm. E.G Open Pistol Overall, Standard Rifle overall and Manual Shotgun overall.

Here are the links to this survey:

Thank you for taking to fill in this survey, if you have any questions, please let me know.


Dean Albiston