IPSC World Shoot Team 2014

The Selectors of the IPSC World Shoot to Florida from the 13th-19th October 2014 have announced the following team to represent New Zealand. (This has been approved by the PNZ Council.)

The members are:



Slot 1

Ryan Ainsworth

Slot 2

Ramel Maligro

Slot 3

Aaron Manson

Slot 12

Brian Bishop



Slot 4

David Steele

Slot 5

Julian Watson

Slot 6

Joseph Maligro



Slot 7

Sean Gray

Slot 8

James Peters

Slot 9

Dean Albiston



Slot 10

Kevin Maurer

Slot 13

Peter Vujcich

Slot 11

Steve Welsh

Congratulations to all the shooters selected and to all those who tried out for this team over the last 2 years.

New Zealand were awarded 13 slots in total (Initial slots 11 plus 2 more awarded). This unfortunately was a handful short of the actual numbers that would of liked to go due to the way IPSC allocate slots.