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The 2020 Olympics in Tokyo and the "Quota Places System" and Minimum Qualification Scores

Funding Criteria for the 2017 Oceania Games

NZSF 2018 Commonwealth Games Nomination Criteria 

The above funding criteria has been approved for shooters trying out for the 2017 Oceania Games. The selection for this match is undertaken by the NZSF, all questions on the SELECTION of shooters should be directed to the ISSF Section Director at



For readers new to ISSF. allow me to make and introduction, The international Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF) based in Munich controls shooting sports at the Olympic Games all the pistol events at the Commonweath Games and the Oceanias. The main events are 10 and 50 meter pistol and 25 meter pistol events which require autoloaders or revolvers.

ISSF is different from all the other PNZ shooting disciplines for two reasons. First, only ISSF shooters compete at the Olympic and Commonwealth Games. Other disciplines have their internationals as well, but none of those events equal the status of the Olympics or the CWG. The second difference is that everything is done to emphasise the individual shooter and to minimise any technical or other advantages one person might have over another. Everything being equal and constant, the only variable is the shooter- and that person's skill, talent, motivation and determination.

The major development in ISSF is our junior development programme, for high school-college students to take up Air Pistol shooting as a sport. The prize is the McMillan Cup donated by Bruce McMillan, the first New Zealander to represent his country in pistol shooting at the Munich Olympics in 1972, and who went on to win a Bronze medal at the Commonwealth Games in Christchurch two years later. Twenty two high school teams to tried to win the Cup in 2013 and 2014 is looking like another record year!

In 2013 the McMillan Cup introduced team awards for Intermidiate shooters.

Click on this link for more information on the McMillan Cup.

If anybody is interested in establishing an air pistol team at their school email me or the PNZ Executive Officer.

Winning medals at prime international events like the Commonwealth Games or the Olympics is ultimately what ISSF is all about. But we like to have some fun getting there!

Keep an eye on this website for regular updates on Pistol New Zealand's ISSF section activities.

Peter Werder
ISSF Section Director

Click here for the online Wikipedia for ISSF events


ISSF Ranking and Grading Policy (23rd October 2016)

ISSF Grading Scores (23rd October 2016)

Current Grading List  (23rd October 2016)

Click here for the current ISSF Ranking Lists courtesy of the NZ Shooting Federation website



Current ISSF International Rules

2017-2020 Approved Changes to the ISSF Rules

ISSF Updated Interpretation statements and updates

Current ISSF Rule Books avaliable for purchase for NZ $32 each (Inc GST and delivery).


PNZ ISSF Guidelines (adopted June 2014)- Update done 29/03/2015

The following ISSF guidelines were adopted at the PNZ June Council meeting to clearly outline best practice for Match Award processes, National Record setting, Finals Formats and Standards for setting National Finals records.

These guidelines should be used in conjunction with the current ISSF Rules.

For more information on these guidelines, contact the ISSF Section Director

Range Officer Match Guides (Adopted Janury 2016)  (Added November 2016)

The following are Range Officer guides to help with the running of ISSF matches in New Zealand.

10M Air Pistol Match Range Officer Guide

10M Air Pistol Match Finals Range Officer Guide

25M Match Range Officer Guide

25M Match Finals Range Officer Guide

50M Match Range Officer Guide

50M Match Finals Range Officer Guide

Centerfire and Sport Pistol Match's Range Officer Guide

Rapid Fire Range Officer Guide

Rapid Fire Finals Range Officer Guide


NZSF Approved Anti-Match Fixing Policy (Added 28/05/2016)

The above policy affects all shooters who take part in any events which are administered by the NZSF or by way of membership to the NZSF.

PNZ Kiwi Match

The PNZ Kiwi Match was developed as a simple precision match that can be shot at club level for clubs looking to develop precision shooting at their club.

Pistol New Zealand Kiwi Match

Scoring Sheets

ISSF Standard Pistol (Excel Files, courtesy Kaimai PC)

ISSF Centre Fire/Sport (Excel Files, courtesy Kaimai PC)



Plug Gauges for use in ISSF Matches

(Click here to go to the website to buy these)

Range Timers for Turning Targets

R & I Electronics South Australia  is an Australian supplier for Range Timers suitable for all ISSF and Service Matches. This is the latest model with a remote with the times on it. PNZ clubs have been using two earlier models but these are the latest models.    E-mail for this company is here 

Click here or here for information on these timers




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