Match Name Updates:

Please Note: As of the 15th of June 2013 the following events have had name changes:

Tanzutsu is now: Tanzutsu: Replica Matchlock - Smoothbore

Comminazzo is now: Comminazzo: Replica Flintlock - Smoothbore

Kuchenreuter is now:   Kuchenreuter: Replica Single Shot Percussion

Mariette is now:  Mariette: Replica Muzzle Loading Revolver

The above MLAIC match names are based upon famous European BP shooters or gun makers, and the matches are all for 'original style' pistols (i.e. exact copies of period gun, and cannot have target sights). For the non-BP match shooters the original event names have no relevance or meaning.

- this name change will not affect the other match rules in any way.

- the word 'Replica' is used instead of 'Original Style' as 'ORIGINAL' has a specific meaning in MLAIC rules, and is reserved for antique firearms of the era.

- In the MLAIC rules the word 'REPLICA' means an exact copy of a firearm of the era.

- In MLAIC rules there is no competition for modernised or altered firearms. These types of pistol are catered for by the PNZ Modern matches.

T Bruce