Updated Classic Pistol Match Rules

Due to a number of club and member requests the classic service match has now been updated.

The Classic Service Match rules have been updated to now include divisions for pistols made prior to 1946 and pistols made after 1946 but to the same specifications as post 1946 pistols.

Pistols made prior to 1946 often have issues with parts if something breaks. Creating a second division for modern "Copies" allows for modern pistols in this match using modern materials and more avaliable modern parts. The following are the new Divisions:

Classic Pistol Match Division (Pistols made up to and including 1946)

(This is the same divison as before)

*NEW* Modern Classic Pistol Match Division (Pistols made after 1946 but to the same specifications as the original pistols)

This division will also have two categories

Fixed Sights
Adjustable sights

These new Divisions (and categories) will be recognised at National and Island Championships for awards

The approved pistols list has also been updated. This now allows for pistols with barrels SHORTER than 4". (For conditions see the rules online)

For more information on these updates, please refer to the rules online here

Or contact the Section Director