NROA Qualified Range Officers: Enter your name and e-mail address*, plus the event details (Name and dates of event and in what capacity you were attending the match (RO, RM, CRO)) into the 'Anything Else*' field at the bottom then push the submit button. (The match report areas are not needed if you are only updating points). Your update is sent to NROA Administration to keep a track of your annual points.......if you need an update of you annual points, contact the NROA President

Note: If you are sending in Points cards and Range Reports files instead, these should be sent to the NROA administration as you have done in the past.

Range Masters: In addition to the requirements above, please either fill in the match report areas to send to NROA Administration.

Photo Update: This option has been added for future NROA membership cards. More information will be sent to NROA members when this option is ready to use.