Firearms Project Community Discussion Sessions: FCAF update

From Mike McIIraith (Officer in charge - Arms Act Service Delivery Group - NZ Police)

In Police’s effort to review and improve the administration of the Arms Act, the Arms Act Service Delivery Group is looking closely at how Police can best deliver firearms related services to the public in a timely, consistent, and cost effective manner.

To assist with this work, the project team are looking to meet with Police district staff and firearms user community members for participatory discussion sessions in all police districts.  These sessions are designed in a way that it will enable you to contribute creatively to the current thinking around challenges, opportunities, needs and wants of the firearms community when interacting with Police for Arms Act related services. We want to hear about any insights you may have from your interaction with the Police and external agencies involved in delivery of services. We will also spend some time to understand from you what you think are the areas we need to focus on and how we may improve our service model to deliver consistent, timely and efficient services to you. During the workshop, you will have a chance to ask questions, have open and genuine discussion and provide any feedback to help us shape our understanding of unique issues in your community.

The schedule of visits is shown below.  While the times and dates will remain unchanged, the schedule will be updated with venue locations as we finalise arrangements with venue providers.  Updates will be published on the News and Updates section of the Police website

All firearms community members are welcome to attend and I would be grateful if you could distribute this information widely across your networks. 

Firearms Community Sessions Schedule



Session Time


Friday 1 June

12.30pm to 2pm

New Plymouth

Tuesday 5 June

11am to 12.30pm


Wednesday 6 June

10.30am to 12pm


Thursday 6 June

4.30pm to 6pm

Palmerston North

Thursday 7 June

4.30pm to 6pm


Monday 11 June

10.30am to 12pm


Monday 11 June

8am to 9.30am


Tuesday 12 June

4.30pm to 6pm


Wednesday 13 June

4.30pm to 6pm


Thursday 14 June

4.30pm to 6pm


Monday 18 June

4.30pm to 6pm


Tuesday 19 June

4.30pm to 6pm


Wednesday 20 June

4.30pm to 6pm


Thursday 21 June

4.30pm to 6pm


Monday 25 June

4.30pm to 6pm


Tuesday 26 June

1pm to 2.30pm


Thursday 28 June

4.30pm to 6pm


Friday 29 June

2pm to 3.30pm

Posted: Fri 25 May 2018