Dot Shooting


Dot Shooting is a postal Pistol Shooting Competition that was started by Bill Croce in Pennsylvania, USA. Dot shooting targets come in 3 separate calibres, 22, 38 / 9mm and 44 / 45. All matches are shot at 7 yards, all shooting is standing unsupported, freestyle that is you can shoot either one or two handed. Pistols and sights and ammo are all your choice, iron sights or scopes, whatever suits you and your gun.


Your target will have 10 clusters of three dots each, each dot being the size of the calibre you are shooting, and the space between the three dots is exactly your calibre size also. If you fire a shot that passes exactly between the three dot cluster, your bullet hole will touch all three dots, you'll earn 3 points. If your shot only touches two dots, you only earn two points. Maximum of 10 shots per target, 30 points possible. You might think that at seven yards this is going to be a breeze, but give it a go before you make a judgement.

Download a practice target:

So how does this work for future matches?

For the postal competition you'll receive 4 match targets which you may shoot any time over the next 4 months. You're welcome to make copies and practice as much as you like, but when you shoot your match targets you need to have someone with you who can verify that you followed the rules. When you have completed all four of your match targets, you then send your best three targets back to me, I'll score them and we'll see who does what.

There are separate categories for the 3 different calibres, you may enter one, two or three events, plus a team entry if you choose.

When you enter you will be sent four targets in the event you have entered, plus a return envelope.

There will be trophies / prizes for 1st place in each event, Top Woman, Top Junior, Top Team.

All profits from this event go towards prizes and trophies.

The cost to enter is $25 for the first event entered, and $15 per each other event.

For news on the next event........check out the 'Dot Shooting News' in the drop down list to the left.

For all questions on Dot Shooting contact the NZ Co-ordinator, H Hoover.