Incorporated Societies Reform 2015

In June 2013, the Law Commission made submissions to the Government relating to the reform of the Incorporated Societies Act 1908. Aspects of this submission could have an impact on member clubs. The following are the main aspects that we believe you should know about:

Pistol NZ will prepare a package of any changes and also offer assistance to both club Secretary's and Treasurers with the new style of reporting that will be required.

Updates will be made in the Bullshooter as well as this page as they come to hand.

May 2016 Update

The Government have been reviewing the 1908 act, and are calling for submissions by the 30th of June 2016. The bill will go for two readings at parliament and will possibly come into force in 2018. There are 23700 incorporated societies and all these will remain registered under the new act, however by 2020 all will have to review and register their constitutions and by 2022 the act will apply in full.

What it means for Pistol New Zealand?

  • Obviously a review of our constitution by 2020, including all member clubs!
  • While members will be free from liability, officer's obligations will be clearer with more responsibly. Issues like criminal records, dispute resolution, conflicts of interest, financial gain, and distribution of profits to members are mentioned.
  • Financial recording and auditing looks to remain the same.
  • The draft bill and more info is on the Mbie website

Download slideshow presentation from the seminar (1.7Mb pdf)