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20th June 2019

The announcements have been released today.  Please find attached some useful pdf’s which can also be found on the Police website.

Regulation regarding the Arms (Prohibited Firearms, Magazines, and Parts) Amendment Regulations 2019

Regulation regarding the Arms (Prohibited Ammunition) Order 2019


Firearms Amnesty and Buy Back Customer Preparation

Amnesty Buy Back Operation

Prohibited Firearms and Parts Buy Back Price List

24th June

Dear COLFO Members and Supporters,

Many licensed owners are now aware of the value placed on the Prohibited Firearms and Magazine that you own and the process for handing them in.  If not visit the Police website where you will find the details:

For some of you the prices offered are fair and reasonable, for others they are far below what one should expect. For parts you only get 70% of their value even if brand new. There is no compensation for now redundant ammunition, reloading tools, accessories, security, safes and so on which is a gross injustice. Further, if you wish to retain any of the newly prohibited items you are required to apply for a NEW endorsement at a cost of $204.

COLFO is planning to take legal action, likely to be by way of a class action and will be seeking financial assistance from all licensed firearms owners. Legal action requires careful planning and cannot be rushed. There are more legislation changes on the horizon and we would be foolish to act now before the full portrait is complete and on show. There is a possibility that with enough funding, we can take up multiple issues through the justice system. We will be requesting contributions soon, we are in the process of setting up the best way to receive funds for our legal fights. This will be set up so that it benefits the majority of firearm owners rather than individual organisations. We need hundreds of thousands of dollars for the litigation ahead and we need it from you, our community. It is so vitally important that we all come together on this and we all back each other through this process.    

A reminder that while your emotions are being tested, please be cautious  in what you do and what you say, especially on social media. Some comments are inviting the attention of police and media when rashly stating  they may take unlawful action.  The Amnesty has 6 months to run until 20 December, there is time to take what steps you deem necessary.

We are concerned that the first collection event in Christchurch on 13 July may become a media circus.  Attending this event could pose risks for both your emotional and physical wellbeing and by being identified potentially put your future security at risk.  You have 3 other options for handing in your firearms.

Many in our community are feeling stressed, first by the sudden new legislation, then by the loss of their hobby or sport and now by the confiscation of their property through no fault of their own and compensation falling short of being fair.  Look out for your mates and talk the issues through with friends who understand. It is important that we unite as one and that means backing each other up and being there to support friends and families. Utilise others in your community for help if you need to.

Please forward this to you shooting mates, clubs and associations.

Mike Dowling - COLFO Chairman

26th June

Good morning,

We have decided to put out a series of Vlogs (video blogs) to help assist the firearms community to understand the changes to legislation and the amnesty and buyback processes. These will focus on the commonly asked questions and will be updated frequently. Please forward these to your contacts and networks, they will also be published on our police website. I am happy for these to be posted on social media, I am well aware that I have a face for radio but feel privileged to assist the firearms community as much as I can with understanding the changes and what they need to do.

Many thanks



Download VLOG 1 from Morgan HERE

Download VLOG 2 from Morgan HERE

Dowload VLOG 3 (Christchurch venue details) HERE

Deputy Commissioner Mike Clement gave an interview on Radio NZ. It's about 12 minutes, Download HERE

1st July 2019

Good afternoon,

I have received a number of enquires in relation to firearm modifications through the buy-back scheme.

Police are currently designing the process for engaging gunsmiths approved to undertake this work, in accordance with the new firearm regulations.

As it stands, Police have not approved gunsmiths under this scheme. Once the appropriate process has been finalised, Police will release the details for gunsmiths to apply to be approved for the purposes of this scheme.  

Please tell your customers/networks to continue to store their firearms safely as we work through this process. I have spoken to several gunsmiths who are receiving firearms for modifications, even though they are not currently approved, which is causing issues for them. There is no guarantee that firearm owners will be reimbursed for modifications that have been completed before the details of this process have been announced.

We are well aware of the impacts of this and we are working to address this issue as quickly as possible. You will appreciate how important it is that we get this process right. Police would like to thank the firearms community for their patience as we work to get this process in place.

Many thanks



3rd July 2019

Dear COLFO Members and Supporters,


Some of our members have expressed to us their safety concerns at attending “collection events”.  We encourage you to be mindful as well. Before handing in your now “Prohibited Firearms” think about which of the four hand-in options would better suit you, weigh up the pros and the cons:

  1. Handing in at the “Collection Events” – concerns have been expressed about exposure of yourself and your family to the lenses of the media, gangs or the curious public. Others are worried they may see their mug shot on the 6pm News, in the local paper, on Facebook or Instagram. Observers may take down your car number plate giving them the ability to trace you back to your home address. Armed Police will be in attendance and no doubt anti-gun protestors will also be there. A positive of this event is that you will leave with the knowledge of what your firearm has been valued at.
  2. Handing in to a Dealer – This has still not been finalised by Police. We expect that dealers should be able to advise you the value of your firearms at the time they are handed in, after all, they too are “experts”. It may be that Police will not let dealers advise you of the value of your firearm and you would be expected to hand it over and wait to be told its value at a later date, after its been destroyed. But we await details on this. If Police are not rushing, why should you?
  3. Handing in at a Police station – again, if there is a list of firearms prices and your handing in to your local Arms Officer then they should be “expert” enough to put a price on your handed in firearm. Handing in and then awaiting post demolition valuation isn’t encouraging. We await further information on this – but again, if Police are not rushing, why should you?
  4. Police collecting from your home – Police have advised they will attend at your home and collect 10 or more firearms. We would expect that one of their expert valuers will be on hand to value the firearms at the time of collection. We are still awaiting advice and final details on this. We’ll say it again, if Police are not rushing, why should you?

There are still unresolved issues around compensation and collection by dealers as well as modification of prohibited firearms and magazines. There are also further law changes to be announced. We remind you that bad publicity as a gun owner could affect your employment, social standing in your community and ability to travel overseas.

It is our place to advise you of what you need to do to comply with the law, regardless of whether you agree with how the changes were made or what the changes mean. We are still working on that for you in the background and will update you as we progress. In the meantime, keep looking after yourselves and your mates.

Mike Dowling - COLFO Chairman

10th July 2019

Dear Supporter,

The Council of Licenced Firearms Owners (COLFO) has just launched a new campaign to fight against the Government ramming through reactive, and impractical firearms laws which penalise you as a responsible firearms owner.

The Fair and Reasonable Campaign is a coalition of firearms owners and stakeholders who are concerned as a result  of the rushed firearms legislation introduced by the Government in April.

But to be effective, we need your help.  Will you chip-in to the campaign for Fair and Reasonable gun laws?

We have launched our campaign website at which will develop as our campaign gains momentum.

Sign up now to receive updates at

Thank you for your support to ensure any changes to our firearms laws are Fair and Reasonable.

Yours sincerely

Michael Dowling


Council of Licenced Firearms Owners 

PS. This campaign is totally crowdfunded, and without your help, we can’t fight for your rights as a responsible gun owner.  Donate now at to make sure there is someone on your side in the coming firearms debates.

Fair and Reasonable Campaign Media Release

11th July 2019

Dear COLFO Members and Supporters,

The Fair and Reasonable Campaign got off to a fantastic start yesterday.  Thank you to all of you who signed up and donated.  Several people have asked that daily figures of the total sum donated be published, this information will only be published when it suits the overall strategy. Please continue to share widely with all your friends and family, both shooters and non shooters who believe the firearm community has been badly served by this government.

Applying for a “P” Endorsement for Prohibited Magazines Only

If you are application for a “P” endorsement is solely for the purpose of  retaining now “Prohibited magazines” for Restricted Weapons, I have been advised by the endorsement team at PNHQ [ ] you do not need to complete the Section F question “Where do you propose to store the vital parts?”, simply write here: Magazines Only.

In the Media

Please continue to look out for your mates, who may be suffering from the stress and anxiety of this continuing saga.

Stay strong,

Michael Dowling


Council of Licenced Firearms Owners