Member Information

This page contains information for Current and Future Pistol New Zealand Members. For more information about this content, please contact the Executive Officer.

Pistol NZ Constitution and Agreements

Pistol NZ Constitution (23/09/2017) 

PNZ-Police Letter of Agreement (March 2018 - Signed April 2018) 


Member Forms and Information

Members Handbook (February 2018) 

The members Handbook outlines the history and sport of Pistol Shooting in New Zealand, it is also contains information for new and prospective members.

Application for a Permit to Import Letter (Created by COLFO) 


New Pistol Communication Process based on Section Rules (Sept 2017)

If a member is looking to import a new pistol into New Zealand, they must approach their Local Arms Officer for all such enquiries. If the Police require further information, then only THEY may contact Pistol New Zealand for further details, not the member.

If a member of Police approaches Pistol New Zealand asking if a particular type of firearm can be used in matches that complies with current Council approved rules, then the following reply will be given in all cases:

 “Pistol NZ does not approve or disapprove individual types of firearms. If the firearm is compatible with the International rules of a discipline, then a shooter can use it. Based on the available information, this firearm complies with match rules which are shot by PNZ”

If asked, the Executive Officer will specify which events a particular firearm complies with.

Note: The Police may ask any additional questions of the member to verify a genuine reason for importing/transferring such firearms.