NROA Members Information

A Message from the NROA President

The National Range Officers Association (NROA) NZ runs training courses for Range Officers. The course delivered is the Level One Range Officer Seminar. After completing this course, candidates can become members of NROA and go on to officiate as Range Officers at our national matches. Alternatively the course can be used to increase your knowledge and enjoyment of the sport and may later lead to you participating as a range officer.

If you are interested in receiving notification of the next course please email NROA (NZ) President.

NROA Member Information

Range Officers Manual

As NZ does not have a Range Officers Manual and IROA already have one, we shall adopt the IROA manual for New Zealand Range Officers.
Were IROA is we substitute to NROA. NZ IROA continue as this manual covers you worldwide.
The manual can be downloaded here:

NROA Members Handbook 2006 Version (Added March 2020)

The Range Masters report form is a writable PDF, fill in the spaces, save the file and send it to the NROA President after each Level 2 or higher match.

An online update page is currently being worked on.........NROA members will be updated once this is ready to be used.

For questions relating to NROA or IROA qualifications please contact the NROA (NZ) President.


NROA Points and Match Report Form

(See IPSC drop down list on the left for this page)

This page allows NROA members to send in points recently obtained from a match and for Range Masters to send in a match report.

Note: If you instead wish to send in your points update and match report by the paper method, these forms are still available to download in the above list.


NROA Jackets (NROA Qualified Members Only)

PNZ has sourced for the NROA qualified members a high quality windbreak type jacket that can be used on the ranges. It has the NROA logo on the back and front in high quality screenprint. Contact the NROA President for jacket specs as he is currently using one!

Sizes available are: S,M,L,XL,2XL,4XL

Price for each Jacket is $120.00 each (plus delivery).

If you wish to buy one of these jackets, Contact the PNZ XO for details.