PNZ Holster Course

Process: Please check the "Holster Course Accredited Personnel" for those clubs which currently run this course.

Please download the Holster Manual and contact one of the Instrcutors on the club list for training information in your club.

For more information about this course or becoming a Holster Instructor, please contact the PNZ Executive officer at

NOTE TO SHOOTERS: No money is required to be paid till you have PASSED the final course assessment. The PNZ fee for each Qualification (Action or CAS) is $30

Once the final assesment form is sent to PNZ, with payment the Holster Badge and Certificate are sent back to your club Secretary to hand out.

5 Yearly Instructor Workshops

The National Holster Co-ordinator and his team are in the process of carrying out workshops around the country to update recent changes made to the Holster Manual. Clubs will be contacted with the dates and details of these workshops in due course.

Note: A PNZ Club Range Officer and Safety Test must be completed and sent to the PNZ Executive Officer BEFORE a Holster badge will be issued.

Holster Course Qualified Instructors

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Pistol Holster Qualification Manual

(Forward updated October 2016)

Please Note: Changes have been made to pages 5 and 6 of this manual on safety assessments and the accreditation of shooters.

Note to Members and Instructors: The above manual has replaced the previous 3 manual system. The process is the same as the previous manual but explains in more detail the process for both CAS and Wild Bunch Qualifications and well as safety with the different styles of Action pistols used. Please use this manual for all Holster Instruction and learning.

Any changes to the final qualification test assessments due to range cones of fire or restrictions like the use of steel should be sent to the PNZ Executive Officer for approval first. These changes will be looked at on a case by case, range by range basis.

If you have any questions before the manuals arrive, pleased contact the Executive Officer.

V2 Manual Download Files

Becoming a Holster Instructor

A club has to nominate a shooter to become a Holster Instructor. See the attached form for more details.

Holster Instructor Application Form (Updated 18/03/2016)

The Area Co-ordinator then completes the training and sends the form below to the PNZ XO for processing.

Holster Instructor Completion Form (Added 02/06/2016)

Holster Course Payment Details

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions (Updated 05/05/2016)

The type of pistol that can be used in a qualification are on page 5 of the Holster manual.

Junior Holster Qualification

The Junior Proficiency badge is a requirement for all shooters 12 to 16 (birthday) years of age. It is a physical (badge) demonstration to ALL clubs that the shooter is safety trained using nationally recognised safety tests. (NZ Firearms and Pistol New Zealand Safety tests). Qualification will allow the shooter to sit the PNZ Holster test and if passed shoot while under immediate supervision.

The badge expires on the 16th Birthday, when the shooter must obtain their firearms licence.